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Regional Broadcasting Services, Inc.

Talk Of The Town


Frequently Asked Questions

Talk Of The Town is a fresh, free, new monthly newspaper with an up-to-date twist for the Scotch Plains, Westfield and Fanwood communities brought to you by the community media company for the new century, Regional Broadcasting Services, Inc. We are the publishers of "Montclair This Month" (a popular monthly paper with a circulation of over 8000) and owners of VillageRadio Montclair, New Jersey's only community-oriented low power radio station with a listenership of 60,000, broadcasting from Montclair on 1620 kHz AM, Comcast Cable Channel 34 and on the Internet at Those who have seen Montclair This Month know the quality and high standards to which that publication is held, and can expect the same of Talk Of The Town.

Content in Talk Of The Town runs the gamut from parenting to pet care, cuisine to comedy, gardening, the Internet, entertainment, fitness, the arts and local events. We feature stimulating, uplifting stories which show that not everything in this world is "doom and gloom" as portrayed in the conventional media. Our positive outlook helps to promote a sense of good will and community. Every issue is unique, interesting and informative, never mundane or boring and our content is almost entirely local. Our articles are written by people who know what they are talking about and want to share that knowledge with the community.

Free copies of Talk Of The Town can be obtained from many participating stores and public establishments throughout the community. Chances are, no matter where you are, you will see us. Subscribers are welcome, and a subscription to "Talk Of The Town" is free. To subscribe to Talk Of The Town, please contact us. If you would like a sample copy of our other publication, Montclair This Month, please send us an email.

Our estimated circulation in the Scotch Plains, Westfield and Fanwood community will be 5000 for the month of April; we will exceed 8000 in following months and more than this during holiday seasons.

Advertising with us is easy and very affordable. For advertising info, see our Advertiser's Page or contact us directly. Small home-based and "Mom and Pop" businesses are frequently discouraged from advertising in other media due to high cost, difficulty with ad copy, or other complications. There is no reason why these businesses should have to be excluded due to these factors - such exclusion only serves to rob our community of the benefits of their products or services. If you own or operate a small business we encourage you to advertise with us - it is easy, our rates are very affordable and we will work with you to develop custom, quality, high-impact advertising material if necessary. At Regional Broadcasting, we believe in producing results, not headaches.

Yes, plans are currently in the works for a "neighborhood" radio station serving our area with the great sound and delightful "hometown" flavor so familiar to listeners of VillageRadio Montclair. As a pioneer in this field, Regional Broadcasting is uniquely qualified to provide great local radio programming which serves the community. We have exclusive access to the only legal and useful system for providing such programming that is currently available. At this time there is no definite target date for on-air operations in this area but we hope to begin bringing you quality local radio programming at some point this year. As this site will provide any updates concerning the radio system, we encourage you to check back often.

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