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The Lepidoptera of New Jersey

Welcome to the New Jersey Lepidoptera Website. Here, researchers, hobbyists, scientists, and the simply curious will find a wealth of accurate, up-to-date information about the butterflies, skippers and moths of the State of New Jersey. Much of what is presented here represents data new to science, original observations, and detailed information on phenology, distribution, and population dynamics. Also at this site are some of the most accurate photographs of Lepidoptera to be found anywhere online. This site is maintained for the benefit of all who would like to study and learn more about our State's Lepidopterous fauna, and as a forum for the sharing and dissemination of data and observations on our State's fascinating variety of species.

To view the images in this site with the size, color accuracy and balance as they were intended, you will need to make the following adjustments to your monitor:
These adjustments can usually be accessed from the "menu" button on the front of your monitor. Due to differences in manufacturing tolerances and makes of monitors, there still may be some inaccuracy in image parameters. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT IF YOU DO NOT MAKE THESE ADJUSTMENTS, THERE MAY BE CONSIDERABLE ERROR IN COLOR BALANCE, SATURATION, DETAIL AND SIZE OF THESE IMAGES. Unless otherwise specified, the images are lifesize (1:1) ratio with respect to the actual specimen. This has been done to allow comparison of relative sizes among various species, as would be the case when viewing an actual collection.